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Summer Blog Challenge – Day 29

Day 29 – Most Anticipated Read for Next Month

Next month, I have decided I’m going to to be focusing on fairytale retellings so I’ve picked out a list of books that I hope to get through and review for the month.

That means I know in advance what I’m going to be reading which could either work really well or really badly. I’m hoping it goes well because it would cut some of the work out for me with a small baby on the go, it’s one less thing to think about.

I’m probably being a bit optimistic with this one but my most anticipated read is actually going to be a series.

My most anticipated reads for next month is going to be The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer.

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Summer Blog Challenge – Day 25

Day 25 – A Book That Frightened You

I don’t read scary stories because I’m way too scared for that kind of thing. I want to like reading horror stories but I then get scared of things jumping out from dark places and I really don’t need that kind of anxiety in my life.

There is only really one book I can think of here and I’m not sure it’s even that great of a scary book.

A book that frightened me was A Forest of Hands and Teeth by Carrie Ryan.

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Summer Blog Challenge – Day 22

Day 22 – A Book That Reminds You of Home

Books invoke emotions in us. They invoke feelings and thoughts and imagination. That’s part of what we love about them, right? Because they allow us to be someplace we’re not and feel things we might otherwise not have felt.

They can make you think of home without even meaning to.

A book that makes me think of home is The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet, Wayfarer series, by Becky Chambers.

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