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Summer Blog Challenge – Day 2

Day 2 – Favourite book to recommend

There are so many books I love telling and encouraging others to read, it’s so hard to just choose one.

But if I had to choose one (stand alone, not part of a series) it would have to be To Kill A Kingdom by Alexandra Christo.

I originally read this book while on holiday in Berlin. It was another of my impulse buys because the cover was pretty and I was pleased because I didn’t want to get stuck into a series.

Honestly, I love telling people about this book because it was just rather unexpected. It has one of the best openings lined that I’ve ever come across in a book. It’s got some serious Little Mermaid vibes but in a much, much darker setting. And really I just love Sirens. They are among my favourite mythical creatures, every story always ends in so much death and violence. They very much show how it is to ensure the hearts of men. And then rip those hearts out of their chests.

Some honourable mentions would be;

  • The Shock of the Fall by Nathan Filer
  • The Book Theif by Markus Zusak
  • Beautiful Broken Things by Sara Barnard
  • The Art of Asking by Amanda Palmer
  • Gormenghast by Mervyn Peake

Until tomorrow.

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Bookish Confessions

Something I have been thinking about recently is how my opinion on book-related things relate so differently to other people but sometimes my opinions are so similar. So I thought I would try and get some of my confessions in writing for the world to see and maybe find out that I’m not entirely crazy and others feel similar.

  1. I hate J.K. Rowling as an author – Okay, before you all burn me at the stake, hear me out. I have read the entire Harry Potter Series and I own the entire series in a very pretty hardback edition and it makes me happy to look at them. Yes, I do understand that they are books designed for young readers (well the first few are anyway). However, can we just take a moment to think about the language, description and repetition used by Rowling throughout the ENTIRE series? Honestly. Every single book she reintroduces every single character. When I am five books in I really do not need a recap of who Dumbledore is. Some of the character development was great and some was terrible. The series could have been so much more. I can’t even just complain about the Harry Potter books – I need to complain about her. She has been a huge success, she has made so much money as an author and she has done wonders in proving that women can write successful novels. And then she changed her pen name to a man and pushed women back twenty bloody years. What kind of message is she sending to young girls and aspiring authors if someone as big as J.K. Rowling changes her name to a guys name just to publish a book? Women authors have more than proved themselves and she has just added to an old-fashioned notion that women authors can’t write crime. Agatha Christie? Patricia Cornwell? Martina Cole? Continue reading “Bookish Confessions”