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Summer Blog Challenge – Day 23

Day 23 – Your Favourite Quote from Your Favourite Book

This is tough because I don’t know what my favourite book is. It could be A Court of Mist and Fury or it could be The Great Gatsby or it could be The Lord of the Rings.

I really had to mull this one over. But I got there. Eventually.

Its going to have to be A Court of Mist and Fury (like we didn’t see that one coming) but it really is one of my all time favourite books. It’s a book I love because it makes me feel such an overwhelming well of emotions that sometimes my chest hurts, sometimes I can’t breathe. Because I feel like a dreamer born into a court of nightmares.

There are loads of quotes that I love from this book so it’s tough to pick just one so I’m going to do a top three and pick my favourite from there.

3. “What got under my skin,” Rhys said, his breathing a bit uneven, “is that you smiled at him.”

2. We were a song that had been sung from the very first ember of light in the world.

1. The Court of Dreams.
The people who knew that there was a price, and one worth paying, for that dream.

I bet you all expected the usual lot of quotes? The most well known quotes from the book are great quotes. I do love them but there are so many others in the book to be appreciated. The reason that number one is my favourite is because of how raw it is. I feel it is a statement that hits do close to home for me, what it is like to dream when the world around you seems so dark. I’ve had more than my fair share of dark times, a tough time growing up in a… Difficult household and thought on more than one occasion that its can’t be possible that things could get better. But it did because I needed it to for myself. It’s why these books mean so much to me because they show me that light can shine in even the darkest of situations and survive.

Until tomorrow.


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