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Summer Blog Challenge – Day 21

Day 21 – A Book You Started But Didn’t Finish

I hate not finishing books. In fact it really takes a lot for me to DNF a book but I’ve done it just a few times.

A book J started but couldn’t finish was The Knife of Never Letting Go by Patrick Ness, book one of Chaos Walking.

I really wanted to enjoy the Chaos Walking Trilogy. Really I did. The reviews of it were great, it had been recommended to me by a friend with similar reading tastes and the synopsis of the book was interesting.

But you know when there is that one thing in a book that you get so hung up on that you just can’t focus on anything else? Yep, we’ll for me, I couldn’t stand the dialogue at all. I can’t see past it and it ruined the book for me. I didn’t even make it 100 pages in.

Roads is never the fastest way to get nowhere,” the woman says. “Don’t ye know that?

Why? Why does it have to be written like that. There are so many unnecessary double negatives.

It could have been brilliant The use of the word “cuz” and “yer” just makes me cringe so badly. Maybe there is a valid reason for their use but I can’t see past it. It’s almost like Will Grayson, Will Grayson but not quite as bad. Nothing us as painful as reading Will Grayson, Will Grayson.

Tell me the series is worth it. Tell me that you’ve read it and you loved it because I want to enjoy it. I feel the plot is one I could really get myself emersed in and I really love Patrick Ness so maybe I could love Chaos Walking too.

I’ve just learned there is going to be a film, Chaos Walking, in 2020 and its full of some great actors (Tom Holland is in it which is great). This film will be based off of The Knife of Never Letting Go so maybe it might rekindle my interest and I might be able to give the book series a go again. But from what I’ve seen so far of the movie, it’s not looking good, the producers are currently reshooting a LOT of the footage to make the movie “releasable”. But we’ll see.

Until tomorrow.


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