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Summer Blog Challenge – Day 17

Day 17 – Favourite Non-Human Character

I was unsure how to interpret this prompt. Did include human-like characters or did I go for beasts and creatures.

Then I thought screw it and decided to go for both.

My favourite non-human character is the Bone Carver from A Court of Thorns of Roses.

The Bone Carver is a death God, like his sister and brother because they have the power to eat life itself.

Now that is a pretty bad ass talent to have.

He has the ability to divine the future, especially death which he caves into bones. These bones are often tufted to him by those who come to seek his knowledge. As a result of his ability of divination, he had the ability to “see” or “hear on the wind” what is currently afoot in the world. This provides him with the well if knowledge that others seem to possess. He appears to each person with a different face, showing them past, present and the future to come. Because of this ability he appears differently to all those who look upon him but his true appearance is never revealed in the books.

Throughout the duration of the series, The Bone Carver resides in the Prison in the middle of the sea in Night Court territory. He spends his time carving death into bones hence his given name. He allowed himself to be captured and imprisoned in the Prison within the mountain to stay safe from the wrath of his siblings, Stryga, also known as The Weaver of the Wood, and their brother, Koschei (believed to be the one who kept his screaming firebird at his lake on the continant. The three were worshipped by the Fae as “the old God’s”, a worship based on the fear of these three brings but, surprisingly, the Carver did not seem to share his delight in such worship as his siblings did. The Bone Carver was thought to be the weakest in magical abilities if them all so allowed himself to be bound to the prison by a Fae female whose name time may have forgotten but The Carver did not. The same Fae female was the one responsible for confining Stryga, the Weaver, to The Middle.

He is a cunning and clever character, leaving the others rightfully on edge when visiting him. But I feel there is a softness to him, much like Amren, there is a curiosity to him that sets him apart from his siblings. He agrees to fight against Hybern, after Feyre risks looking in the ouroboros mirror, but I think that he knew that he would not survive the battle. And I feel that he wanted death to take him home.

He died fighting for goodness and for life. But he died without anyone ever learning his name.

Honorable mentions;

  • Bryaxis from A Court of Wings and Ruin by Sarah J. Maas
  • Jackal from Blood of Eden by Julie Kagawa
  • Chairman Meow from the Shadowhunter Chronicles by Cassandra Clare.
  • Hellio Spell-Cleaver from A Court of Thorns of Roses series by Sarah J. Maas
  • Lira from To Kill A Kingdom by Alexandra Christo

Until tomorrow.


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