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Why Neil Gaiman Reading Fox in Sock is Everything You Needed to Hear Today

Hey guys,

I love when authors reach out to help others. In fact, I love when anyone takes the time to reach out a hand to help others. It doesn’t take much to show a simple act of kindness to someone and that is something that a lot of people seem to forget.

But Neil Gaiman and Sara J. Benincasa haven’t.

In 2017, Neil Gaiman was asked to help raise money for refugees by agreeing to read out the entire Cheesecake Factory’s menu if they managed to raid $500,000 which he agreed to do. He was asked to do this by Sara J. Benincasa, a comedian, writer and activist, who came up with the idea. She set up a fundraising page and within just a few days they had achieved 8% of their goal.

Two years on and they haven’t achieved their goal, however, have managed to raise over $110,000 and considering every penny counts this is pretty phenomenal. Neil Gaiman had agreed to read Dr Seuss’s Fox in Socks once the fundraiser reached a smaller goal. And boy, did he deliver.

Here is the post from Gaiman’s blog about the whole thing and here is the link to Youtube of him reading Fox in Socks by Dr Suess.

It’s brilliant and everything I didn’t know that I needed to hear. He has such a calming voice and it definitely isn’t lost on the chaos of Fox in Socks.

We all know Neil Gaiman for his work, such as Stardust, Coraline, Good Omens, Sandman and American Gods, many of which have now been turned into TV shows or films. But in 2016 he also appeared in the video “What They Took With Them” from the UN’s refugee agency to help raise awareness of the issue of global refugees. Much like his wife, Amanda Palmer, they know they can’t change the world but use their influence to give it a damn good shot.

We need more people like Neil Gaiman and more people as bold as Sara J. Benincasa to challenge people of influence to help make a difference.

The fundraising page is still active and you can donate here if you feel like doing so.

The world always seems brighter when you’ve just made something that wasn’t there before.

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