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Reading Companions

Do any of you have a reading companion? I do and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

We have a little cat, well rather a big cat but he’s only a baby. His name is Darwin and he’s just trouble in a small soft parcel.

He does, however, make for an excellent reading companion.

This picture of him is perfect actually for a few reasons. The first is that he was obviously trying to help me take a nice photograph of my new book, Pan’s Labyrinth. So much so that he thought he deserved to be in the picture. The second is that his favourite place to sleep during the day is on a nice blanket on top of one of my bookshelves. That’s his spot and he doesn’t like things being in his spot. The third is the photograph in the bottom right. This is our old cat, Odin. He was a stray, a rescue just like Darwin but instead of coming from a foster home as Darwin did before he came to us Odin came from the streets having had no home for months. He was an old boy but a lovely one, falling right into our little family and loving every moment of attention we gave him. He had a few health issues; arthritis from his time in the cold outdoors, he was prone to seizures and he was just an old boy and it showed. But he loved his love and he was always there to snuggle up when I settled down with a book. A soft, warm reading companion.

Sadly, he passed away after falling very ill rather suddenly. He was put to sleep on Christmas Eve 2018. We think about him a lot.

But Darwin, he’s a menace a lot of the time but when you stop he tends to stop too. Really he is just after the attention and if you are willing to rub his belly while you read then he will be the best reading companion.

Having a reading companion is a great thing, except for when they don’t want you to give attention to your book and force you to give them attention instead. They help though. They help to relieve the stress and anxiety that can pile on you throughout the day.

I suppose my new reading companion is our daughter. She wants to be cuddling with me nearly as much as the cat does (but only a little bit more). Sometimes it’s a pile-up and I get stuck with them both at the same time.

Do you have a reading companion? A soft loving thing to inadvertently share in your bookish adventures?

Until next time.


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