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Summer Blog Challenge – Day 4

Day 4 – Favourite author

This was a hard one because there are so many authors that I admire and appreciate but to choose just one? Now that is a hard call.

I had a good think about this and I thought through and rethought my answer. At first, I thought I would say that my favourite author would be Sarah J. Maas for obvious reasons. I fell in love with her work from the moment I started reading it and I have been following the Throne of Glass series since 2012. The work means a great deal to me and has gotten me through some pretty tough times. But then I thought harder about it and I realised that it was really just her works that I am in love with, although I’m sure she’s a pretty great lady I just wouldn’t say she is my favourite.

And then I knew because who wouldn’t love an author who is down on the same level as her readers and constantly sends us sloth memes and pictures of weird shit?

My favourite author is the delightfully peculiar Camilla Monk.

Camilla Monk doesn’t have the recognition that she should have, especially as an author but I hope that one day her claim to fame will hit. She is the author behind the outstandingly hilarious Spotless series, a series about a socially crippled virgin and a hitman with OCD, Still and her soon to be published Silverlegs series. I love her work a great deal, the Spotless series holding a place in my heart but it is her that I truly admire.

She is the most down to earth author that I have had the pleasure of coming across. In fact, she sent out an email to her fans inviting us to join a Facebook page aptly names YayCupid (a reference from the Spotless series) in which she keeps us up to date on her work, muses, posts memes about sloths and ostriches and shares trashy romance novels that she comes across. She delayed the release of the final book in the Spotless series and openly told us all that her mental health was suffering and the book wasn’t where she wanted it to be, that if she published it when it was due then she would have never been happy with it. And us, as her fans, rallied behind her because she is such a real and relatable person with us that we can respect and support her.

She is hilarious and talented, down to earth and relatable and really, she just says what we are all thinking. She shared a video of a desert rain frog with us and it’s ahem… croak? (here is the link, please turn up your volume for it). But the best part was her comment that followed;

She’s just gold and she deserves so much more credit than she gets.

Some honourable mentions would be;

  • Lemony Snicket
  • Holly Black
  • Amanda Bouchet

Until tomorrow.


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