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My TBR Goals for 2019

Hey guys,

You might have seen my earlier post earlier in the year about reading goals and how they don’t work for everyone. They definitely don’t work for me and I don’t enjoy having the pressure of keeping up with avid readers who would likely triple the number of books that I could read in the year. You can probably gather from that that I will NOT be setting a reading target per se for 2019 (because let’s be honest, first time mum with a reading goal of like 100+ books? That’s just never going to happen). So instead of a goal of the total number of books read, I’m going to set myself the target of reading some of the books from my to-be-read pile (it’s less of a pile and more like an entire bookcase because I have a serious problem). This isn’t going to be a ridiculously high number of books but I’m going to try and I’m going to set out some specific books that I plan to read.

Along with this, my plan for 2019 is to reduce the number of books that I impulsively buy. I have such a bad habit of walking into a book shop and seeing a book and going “ooh it’s so pretty” and then I leave the shop with an arm full of books that just end up joining my TBR pile. I’m really running out of space for more books. So far this year I have been pretty good with this goal. I bought some books recently (quite a few actually) but didn’t actually spend any money on because they we all bought with Christmas gift vouchers and my Waterstones loyalty card (hooray for useful points cards!) There have been quite a few books that I have wanted to buy just because but have decided against it because I know I will 100% not even attempt to read them this year.

My TBR goals might be a little ambitious but a challenge is supposed to be just that- a challenge.

  • The Wicked King – I’ve seen a lot of mixed reviews for these books but they seemed like something I would actually really enjoy. The reason I haven’t read the second yet purely down to time. I started trying to listen to the audiobook of The Cruel Prince and I hated the narrator and it put me off. So, scrapping the audiobook I just started to read the story the good old fashioned way. I loved The Cruel Prince so now I just need to dive into The Wicked King.
  • War of the Roses – these books have been sitting on my shelves for, I don’t know, two years at least. I like historical fiction but for some reason, every time I pick them up to read them I get a few pages in and then end up putting it down again. This year though I’m determined and if I can’t finish them then I’m going to give the books away to someone who will actually appreciate the work.
  • Three Dark Crowns Series – This is just a series that I want to read but have never gotten around to actually starting.
  • The Inheritance Cycle – I’ve read the first two and loved them but I started reading another series before I read the rest of them and I lost track of what was happening.
  • American Gods – It’s a big book and if you really aren’t invested in reading it then you’ll definitely struggle. My fiance and I have been watching the Amazon Prime series and thoroughly enjoying it. I figured I’d enjoy the book just as much as I am the series. Plus it would fill in some gaps that the series hasn’t. It is a complex story, the book provides excellent groundwork to fully appreciate the show.
  • The Night Circus – I found this book slow at the start and ended up not finishing it. However, that was a while ago and with a different mindset, I’m certain I’d be able to finish reading it now. Besides, it isn’t a series so I’m not putting too much commitment into reading it.

This is probably already going to be quite a challenge for me to get through but the year is just beginning (and I’ve already started American Gods). This being said, I’m not saying that I won’t be reading other books this year. King of Scars has just been released and there is a new book for the Spotless series that should hopefully be released this year so I won’t only be restricting myself the above titles. Besides, I’m just starting a lovely, relaxing week off from work so I have plenty of time to get stuck in.

Do you have any TBR goals for this year? What are they?

Until next time.


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