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What To Expect When You Are Expecting

Hey guys,

There has been some radio silence on my part recently. I am alive and kicking, just struggling to find the motivation to do anything productive. I’ve been thinking about my blog a lot but can’t find the energy to start writing something. It’s a bit of a slump. I’ve even just been rereading the same books rather than delve into anything new. (As much as I love ACOTAR, I really need to find something else to read!)

It isn’t all miserable, far from it really. There are some exciting times ahead for my fiance and me- our dynamic duo is going to become a trio in May 2019. We are expecting our first baby (a lovely little girl) and we are so in love with a person we have yet to meet. A lot of exciting changes are coming about.

However, I suppose it comes with the territory that there will always be some ups and downs with this kind of life event and there have been a number of things that both bother me and excite me about the present situation that I find myself in. What bothers me most though is the unsolicited advice and opinions that everyone seems so keen on stuffing down my throat.

  • Being constantly asked if the baby was planned or an ‘accident’. – Honestly, it’s of no one’s business but our own. And really, what a question to ask someone? How invasive and personal do you need to get? I expect this kind of question from my GP or midwife but not from coworkers or acquaintances. Imagine the kinds of difficult and sensitive situations you could find yourself in by asking this question to the wrong person.
  • A lot of people telling you what you can and can’t do – “Don’t eat this, don’t touch that, don’t dye your hair, don’t take this medicine even though it SPECIFICALLY says on the bottle that it is safe for pregnant women and nursing mothers to use. – It still is my body at the end of the day. My health professionals are going to know better regarding these things than old wives tales. So long as it’s causing no harm to me or my baby your opinion is invalid to me.
  • Telling you that once the baby arrives “you’ll never sleep again.” – pardon my language but f*&$ off. Scaremongering women into not wanting children because of what it will do to their bodies or social lives just makes you a bit of a twat. Pregnant women and existing mums have enough to cope with. Keep your opinions to yourself.
  • “You aren’t allowed to be sad/stressed/unhappy because of this joyous thing in your life” – Again, take a hike. Having a baby doesn’t mean that every issue or problem you faced in your life is automatically fixed or no longer relevant. As someone who suffers from depression and anxiety, I can honestly say that being pregnant is hard. Life doesn’t just become sunshine and rainbows because of a baby. I’m very excited about what is going to happen but it doesn’t automatically fix everything. I am monitored closely because of my depression and anxiety and I am very grateful for the support I am receiving from my GP and Midwife regarding it all but it makes me feel like I’m very fragile.
  • Pregnancy – Honestly, pregnancy sucks. It is very physically and emotionally demanding. Let me be miserable when I feel miserable. I am not over exaggerating. It is hard to grow a person.


However, it isn’t all doom and gloom. It truly is an exciting time for my fiance and I and there are many things that I’m excited for in our futures with the addition of a new family member.

  • A reason to expand your personal library – books help to develop our minds, regardless of age. I am SO excited to start introducing my little one to books. My whole life has been orientated around books and it hasn’t changed much with time. Reading is such a wonderful thing and is such a great way to develop and expand everyone’s minds.
  • To follow on to the first point, starting a NEW library for your little one – this speaks for itself. Mummy’s books are not appropriate for babies and so should be kept away from sticky hands and crayons.
  • Reading! – From the moment this baby is born, I promise to read all the stories. I was raised to love books, I’ve been a bookworm from a very young age. It is important to help little minds grow and expand. I would much rather sit with a book and read to a young and impressionable mind than to pop them down in front of a TV (that being said, we don’t even have a TV in our house so that would be difficult to do anyway). And as much as I’d love for my children to be bookworms just like me I understand that it doesn’t work like that. However it reading is important, children should be raised with an appreciation for literature.
  • Young and enquiring minds – this is going to be a person that is dependant on us for everything but everything for this little one will be new and exciting and we get to share this right alongside our little one. My fiance and I both have rather scientific minds and we are both very excited to share this with someone who will be constantly learning new things about the world.
  • Arts and crafts – I’m a creative person. I love cutting things out and sticking things and painting and just making a mess. I’ll be doing all the kids crafts imagable! Bring on the glitter glue and pompoms.
  • Lot of lovely keepsakes and sentimental items – I’m one for keepsake boxes. I love to have reminders of happy times, be it a scrapbook or photo or even a handwritten post-it note. But the lovely thing is that I get to start this all afresh. This will be a whole new chapter, full of firsts and I can’t wait to keep a record of it all happening. That being said, if I do it for one child then I’ll have to do it for all the ones that may follow!


There are lots of exciting and trying times ahead but I can’t wait for any of it.

Until next time.


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