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August Book Haul – Welcome to the Grishaverse

Hey guys,

So you might be aware that I recently changed job from the fast paced and should destroying world of the catering industry for a more chilled desk job in a dentist. It’s a pretty good life but we aren’t going to go into that. There is a point behind me mentioning this actually. The way my previous jobs bonus scheme worked was as a point system, your store was awarded points based on performance and you could then go on to spend the points on cool stuff. I was saving my points and when it came to me leaving the company I decided I should use my points instead of losing them.

Naturally, I loaded them all into a National Book Token card to spend in a bookshop.

It did not disappoint.

That was how I spent my morning, browsing the shelves in the new Waterstones that has just opened in Aberdeen (it’s shiny and new and I love it but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss my old store). I spend £90 on books today (but not really because it was a book voucher) and I regret nothing. Let’s look.

I finally joined the rest of the “YA” readers (I think YA is such a bullish term, but you know what I mean…) and make a start on Leigh Bardugo’s Grishaverse. I bought the ebooks of the Shadow and Bone series in the kindle summer sale and I read the first book (more on that soon) but I felt that having the physical books would help me to get more into it. I enjoyed it a lot and I’m kicking myself for being so late to the party with this series. Of course, there has recently been new editions of the series released and they are actually really beautiful. The covers really catch your attention but what I really fell in love with with these paper backs was the spines. Just look:

Here you can see the exact moment that Odin got fed up of my crap

How lovely are they? So colourful.

Next in my book haul was the Grisha dualogy; The Six of Crows and The Crooked Kingdom. I’m not entirely sure what to expect here but if it’s anything like the trilogy then I’m sure I’ll enjoy them. The books aren’t nearly as attractive as the trilogy either but I’ll forgive this shortcoming so long as the story is worth it.

Finally for the Grishaverse there is this work of art;

I think this a standalone book in the same universe and I’ve heard that even if you are new to the series it has been written in such a way that you can still enjoy it. A collection of stories from the Grishaverse. And it’s absolutely gorgeous.

So I’ve definitely kitted myself out to emerse myself in this universe 100%. But my haul doesn’t stop there.

Next we have the Wayfarer series ft Beckt Chambers.

Again, I do have the ebooks of this series but you need to focus on what your reading here. What I’ve read so far has been enough to ensnare me. Lovely books with such interesting names. However, you may know that this book is actually part of a trilogy. I only have the first two in paper back. The reason for this is that the third book which just came out recently is still only available in hardback and I’m not keen on hardback books (I can make some exceptions but not for a whole series). I’m not crazy. I couldn’t have such a mismatched series on my shelves.

Next is the Frostblood series by Elly Blake.

Again, part of a trilogy with Nightblood being the final book. I did see it in Waterstones however it was only available in mass produced paper back which is huge (like American sized?) and they first two are just regular sized. Again, I’m not crazy. I haven’t actually heard much about thus series but I’ve read a few excerpts from Frostblood and when magic is involved I’m usually game.

Last but certainly not least, is these two gems.

Judged these books by their covers a little here. Although I’m currently reading Scythe and thoroughly enjoying it. It’s so refreshingly different. Wicked Like A Wildfire is the first book in the Hibiscus Daughter dualogy, the second book being Fierce Like A Firestorm which I will get if I enjoy the first book. Something different to expandy reading preferences.

Great book haul today and I’m super excited to get stuck in to these books. Have you read any of these books? Do you love them? Hate them? Let me know, but no spoilers!

Until next time.


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