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30 Day Writing Challenge – Day 20


Day 20 – Would You Consider Yourself an Optimist or Realist?

I think everyone is a little bit of an optimist in life, regardless of how they think. We all want to see the positive outcomes in things, no matter how big or small. And sometimes we are a little bit pessimistic.

But to answer this question, I definitely consider myself as a realist, not an optimist. It is important to understand that bad things will happen, but so will good things. But it it is important not to set your expectations unrealistically high. So no, being blindly optimistic isn’t a great way to go through life because you are simply setting yourself for fairly regular disappoint and hurt. Setting your expectations of outcomes at a realistic level means that there is the chance that you will be let down but it likely means that you will find yourself pleasantly surprised when the outcome is better than you imagined it would be. Life is unpredictable, people even more so.  In recent years, after having lived through some things that would make even the strongest person cringe away, I have come to accept that things will happen and that worse things have happened and worse things will happen. You make what you want of situations regardless. You are the master of your own universe and you have the power to choose how things affect you. Always try to make light of a crummy situation. It’s not a bad way to live.


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