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30 Day Writing Challenge – Day 17


Day 17 – Your Favourite Place to Go

This is kind of a hard one for me because for the past few years, what with life and work and university, I haven’t really had nearly as much free time as I would have liked. Now that I’m driving and am in a different working environment I have a little bit more freedom but, as it turns out, that hasn’t really helped too much. I still don’t get out nearly as much as I’d like to, I’m always just too tired. I’m thinking that I will keep this prompt more local rather than choose someplace across the world (far and unreasonable). So, my favourite place to go is actually anywhere in the Scottish Highlands and sometimes the Islands.

I’ve spent the vast majority of my life living in Scotland (save a brief few years when I lived in England. But we try not to talk about that…). For those of you that live here, or have visited, you have to agree that the Scottish landscape is truly a memorable sight. It’s so beautiful, full of such history and character and the Scottish people really make the place unique. But the Highlands, that is where I truly love. When I was younger and had more time and freedom I used to do a lot of hillwalking. I was very keen on the outdoors, camping and the like. I completed the West Highland Way twice, which is a 100-mile walk across Scotland from Milngavie in Glasgow to Fort William on the West Coast. I’ve done a fair amount of sponsored hikes to raise money for charities, like the Mighty Stride Kiltwalk and Tinto Hill. I wouldn’t go as far as to I’m patriotic, because that feels like an extreme word to me, but I love my homeland. I am proud to be from such a beautiful place.

For a break away from life, we visited a wigwam up in Banff on the North Coast. There was no signal, no internet and no one around and it was perfect. Walks in unfamiliar territory, fresh air and enough to see in the landscape to let a creative mind run wild.Untitled

My fiance spent a lot of summer 2017 on the Isle of Skye and so I spent a lot of time up there. Breathtaking doesn’t seem to do some of the landscapes justice. The roads are horrendous but being out in the sticks, surrounded by such sights really puts into perspective just how small we are in the world. (If you ever feel like you need your perspective in life adjusted, just stand at the bottom of Ben Nevis and look up). I studied earth science at university, so I know how to appreciate the workings of the land. Somehow understanding it just makes the whole thing far more marvellous.

Before I’m 30 I will complete the North Coast 500 (#nc500). It would be an unforgettable experience. There is still so much of Scotland that I have to see. I have a lot of time to make up for.



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