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30 Day Writing Challenge – Day 16

Day 16 – Do You Ever Feel…

Not all creative minds are troubled minds but many come from difficult times and are shaped by the forces that bend them. Those who face hard times often learn to find beauty and power in something that can be associated with something outside of the hardship, some learn to find beauty in the hardship. We use the experience that we have, regardless of whether it is good or bad, to create.

It’s good to use what you have in your arsenal to your advantage. My doctor told me that. Take the time you have to make things, use the down time to let your mind flow and wander.

My prompt here is just a collection of thoughts from a creative mind (life in an office job got me thinking);

  • Do you ever feel like documenting your life and writing about all the ridiculous things that happen, only to think that no one would ever believe you? – I’ve been told to write about my life, up until now, and all the mind-blowing things I’ve been subject to. What I’ve lived through, might be a better way to put it. Sometimes I even start trying to put it on paper but it gets lost somewhere along the way. Who would believe me anyway? Has enough time passed that nothing would come of any of it? Maybe I’ll turn it into some short stories. They’ll be a giggle for someone, I’m sure.
  • The stupid things people do in day to day life can be used as great fodder to a creative mind – I’m always surrounded by people, working in customer-facing jobs it’s just what I do. I do love it but people are some real sights and some of the things they do are nothing short of ridiculous. Make sure there is paper and a pen handy because there is always something coming to mind.
  • Do you ever feel like you come up with something so perfect in your head that when you try to put pen to paper it gets lost in translation and doesn’t turn up as amazingly as it did when you thought of it? – Story. Of. My. Life. I have a really bad habit of thinking up something really great, a good plot or character, but it always happens in a place where I don’t have access to a notepad like when I’m driving. Then, I’ll try to keep thinking about the idea just to keep it in my head so I don’t forget about. Then I forget about it. Eventually, I’ll remember about the thing but by then it just doesn’t come out the way it originally did. Something gets lost.
  • Do you ever feel like you could write so much but always fear that no one would ever read it? – This is a real fear I suffer through every day. I have so many ideas in my head, my imagination running rings in my mind, that could fill books and books but always come accompanied by this constant fear that no one would appreciate my work. I know that you’re supposed to create because you want to and not because of other pressures but my dream has always been to publish a book. If no one likes my work, then how am I supposed to publish anything?


When I look back at this post, I realise it is mostly just fears of the creative mind. I think there is a lot of confidence to build in my abilities before anything worthwhile appears on paper.


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