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30 Day Writing Challenge – Day 8

dsc_00552282574373208556273.jpgDay 8 – Five Items That You Lust After

Nice easy one for today but enjoyable to write nonetheless!

  1. A beautiful hardwood bookcase – this is something I intend to own at some point in my life. I’ve always wanted to have a beautiful bookcase set up, and a dark, hardwood bookcase is what I picture in that setup. I’ve never really had space I need for my books to be set up the way I’d like, maybe when I was living with my papa but then nothing was really permanent so I couldn’t do what I wanted to. I’m currently living in a one bedroom flat with my fiance so there is definitely no way of living that dream while we are here. We are finally adulting and buying a house is a frequent topic of conversation at the moment. So, soon my dream will be a reality! (Hopefully)
  2. The hardback editions of Neil Gaiman’s Sandman omnibus – These are currently selling for £110+ plus on Amazon. I know I will never own them because, as beautiful as they are and as devoted I am to a lovely edition of a book, I don’t feel like I could ever spend that much on a book. There is also more than one volume so it would become very expensive to buy the set.
  3. A full set of promarkers – I love to make things, drawing and colour things in and promarkers are satisfying to use when you take the time to use them. I don’t have any because I don’t have much time to get used to using them and I feel like I should get better at drawing and whatnot before I invest in them. I was introduced to them by my ex who used them for his product design course. Similar to the chameleon pens, very satisfying to use (but the chameleon pens are far more expensive). If you are even looking for something to help you de-stress, watching time-lapsed videos of people using these pens is so soothing.
  4. A car big enough for a family – I’ve only been driving for a year and a half now and I love my little Fiat Panda but it’s not going to be a great car when there is more than just me and my fiance. A big car didn’t make sense at the time, when I passed my driving test I was terrified of being on the road let alone in a big car. But now with the prospect of kids somewhere in the near future, a bigger car just makes sense. (I fully intend for my next car to be a C4 Cactus because it’s such a weird car and it comes in the most ridiculous colours, I love it).
  5. A patchwork blanket – seems like a ridiculous but I used to have this patchwork blanket. It was huge and cosy but light enough that it didn’t smother. I had it for years but it recently got to a state where sowing it just didn’t do the job anymore. Try as I might, I can’t seem to find anything similar to replace it with so much so that I considered taking up quilting just so I could make something similar to replace it with (which would be fine except I can’t sow a stitch to save my life).


Anyway, see you tomorrow for day 9!


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