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30 Day Writing Challenge – Day 5


Day 5 – The Reason You Love Books

I tweaked this one a bit to suit. The prompt was originally “a book you love” and that’s just such a loaded question, being a bibliophile, and I could spend forever trying to pick something just to use for the prompt (which I 100% do not have time for). So this works better for its purposes.

Books mean more to my life that I feel I could ever fully put into words. They offered an escape at times when I needed it, a friend and comfort. When I was younger, I definitely coped badly at school and I never felt like I was someone that was liked very much. I tended to spend a lot of time on my own in rooms full of people that didn’t seem to notice me. But you’d always be able spot me, content to be alone so long as I had a book in my hand. You tend to find that books don’t let you down, they never disappoint the same way that people tend to. How is it possible to feel alone when at your fingers you can live the lives of so many? Books are so liberating because they offer a chance to experience so many different worlds and adventures and it is limitless to the what you can enjoy. There is a store, a gene, a title, that suits everyone and any occasion if you dare to look.

My love for books started at such a young age, prompted by my mum who loves her books too. I still love childrens books, with The Gruffalo being my all time favourite. It is a love that only grew as I got older too, until they have become the most important material thing in my life (some people come before my books but only because I love those people an exponential amount).

But, just so I’m technically not cheating, a boom I love… How about Spotless by Camille Monk? An excellent first book in the Spotless series. This was a series that was recommended to me by a woman I used to work with, and while we had similar tastes in books I was sceptical to check it out. But, damn am I glad that I did. She pitched the series to me as being about “a hitman with OCD”. March (who is said hitman) is up there with my favourite characters of all time. It is one of the funniest things I have read in a good while and I always tend to find myself coming back to reread it over against. If you’re looking for adventure, action and a really bizzare romance then I wholeheartedly suggest grabbing a copy of the ebooks. (I’m not getting stuck into this because I intend to write about the whole series at a later date).

Anyway that was fun and enlightening.

See you tomorrow for day 6!


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