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30 Day Writing Challenge – Day 4

Day 4 – Bullet Your Day

This is a good one for today because I actually had a really nice day. I was worried I wouldn’t have the time to post something today but I’m writing now furiously because I’m 100% ready for bed.

So today:

  • Got up late this morning (Jordan didn’t go to bed until like 3am because he was playing games so I was more than happy to have a reason to sleep in)
  • Got dressed while Jordan showered – I put on a cute dress with some boots and pulled my hair up into a ponytail, nothing too exciting
  • Took my tablets and gave the cat his
  • After deciding we needed to get food because there we decided to head through to his parents house and have a BBQ because it was a beautiful day and we were both totally craving BBQ food
  • Went for a quick trip round the supermarket for some meat and juice for our BBQ and then set off for his parents house
  • Got to the house and we chilled outside with his little sister and her friend in the sun while we waited for his older sister and mum to arrive
  • His mum arrives home from the hairdressers. Total revamp of her old hairstyle and she looks fantastic
  • When his older sister arrives, we get to work lighting the BBQ. And could we get it to catch? Absolutely not. We are lighting everything we can but with little success and a lot of smoke. Hilarity ensues.
  • His older sister is pregnant(!) and having cravings for this soup their dad makes. So we had potato soup, outside, in 25oC. Definitely a first but the soup was excellent
  • Bought fire lighters.
  • Successfully lit the BBQ.
  • And then there was food! And it was good but I definitely ate way more than I should have (I think we all did but who cares? ). Good food and even better company.
  • Spent a good while lounging in the back garden in the sun, chatting, laughing and enjoying ourselves
  • The temperature started to drop so we headed in for coffee and some more banter
  • Drove home at the back of 10pm, tired and sunburnt but buzzed from a great day out
  • Shower and bed for me

I think I just learned that I don’t like writing in bullet form.

See you tomorrow for day 5!


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