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30 Day Writing Challenge – Day 2


Day 2 – Write About Something You Feel Strongly About

Y’know when you put these things so bluntly, they are actually rather hard to think about suitable answers. My brain goes off in such strange direction sometimes that is sometimes hard to keep up with what I’m focused on. But okay, okay, serious stuff;

  1. Clean energy and recycling; it’s the 21st century, why are these such difficult concepts to grasp? Recycling, for me, is a no-brainer. I don’t even have to think about it because it’s a fundamental part of my life now as it should be for us all. We waste a finite resource (the keyword here being ‘finite’) so why don’t we reuse it? I’ve worked in enough places to have an idea of how much paper, packaging and food we have the capacity to waste and it makes me ill. Imagine the impact we could make if we made more of an effort with recycling. An extra few minutes out of our life each day… Imagine what we could do. Clean energy is another. Being in Aberdeen and seeing them build the new offshore wind farm with Vattenfall is so exciting. We have so many amazing opportunities for clean, renewable energy and we are slowly branching into these areas and switching from fossil fuels. Google the Hornsea project. (Amazing)
  2. Downtime; we need time to ourselves. As a student or a full-time worker or parent or whatever, the importance of “me-time” cannot be stressed enough. We, as a population, spend far too much time stressed and worn out by life, spurred on by the expectations of work and the rest of the world, and we so often push our own well-being into the background. Well, bring it to the foreground. Remember to take time for you. Relax and breathe and do whatever it is that you need to do to refresh your mind. I’m so sick with stress and worry 90% of the time that I tend to forget just how much damage you can undo by just a little bit of time to yourself.
  3.  Injustice and hypocrites; this is a point that has been under my skin for a while now and has been just waiting to bubble over. When someone can’t admit to being at fault but will always be the first to jump on someone else for the same mistake that they themselves make. Something that happens far, far too often these days. People are so quick to jump the gun, and isn’t it easier to blame someone else rather than admit that you were wrong? It is an important part of personal development to admit your faults, take responsibility and know when to pick your battles. We are human and we make mistakes. No one is blameless, but there is no need to be unfair about it.
  4.  Each to their own; I feel so strongly about this particular point. So long as what people do doesn’t impact negatively on what I’m doing with my life, then I don’t care. More people need to adopt this approach and stop getting so offended by what others do, believe and feel.
  5. Having too much stationary isn’t really a thing.


See you for day 3!


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