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30 Day Writing Challenge – Day 1


So I need to get into the swing of writing things daily again if I ever have any hope of writing a book, my best friend nudged me to my starting point; “Write like you’ve never written before.” I decided a writing challenge will be a fun way to start and will help you all learn a little more about me.
Day 1 – Five Ways to win your heart (Or Five Ways My Fiance managed to)

I had to think about this one more than was probably necessary. I couldn’t decide if I wanted to be serious or not with this one. I decided not to be (well, not too serious at least) and made it a little more suited to my situation. My fiance and I have been together for three and a half years now and we got engaged this year in Berlin. So, five ways my fiance won my heart.

  1. Agree to sit through all three Hobbit movies with me; I suppose it was the first moment I realised that my fiance was the one for me. Anyone that knows me at all knows that I love all things Lord of the Rings, books and movies. So when my fiance went to the midnight showing for The Battle of the Five Armies in the cinema with the first two movies been shown before then I should have known that I had to marry the man. My heart was as good as his.
  2. Encourage me to love me for me; way back at the beginning, before we got together, we had a conversation about something and we got onto the topic of me not particularly liking myself. He didn’t understand how I could dislike myself so much, but it’s hard to explain the difficulty in doing that to someone when you’ve never had much of a reason to before. He helped me change that opinion of myself, along with many other bad opinions I held of myself. He made me see that I deserved something good.
  3. Be himself, always; it’s a hard thing when you meet a new person in a new situation because you both have your whole lives to catch each other up on. For many people, it can be a chance to reinvent yourself and for others it can be a chance to cover the ugly parts up. He always was himself, maybe a little quieter. Nerdy and awkward, sweet and devoted, and unique unto himself.
  4. He lets my books take over half of the flat; they are everywhere. By being with me, he as given in to the fact that he is stuck with a house full of paperbacks. He loves my love for my books.
  5. Embrace our weirdness together; we have fun together. We’re silly and make each other laugh. We are comfortable around no one else like we are with each other. We made a comfortable, safe place together.

This was fun. See you all for day 2!


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