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The Copper Promise – Review

Dragons and sell-swords, magic and mages, Gods and demons. The Copper Promise by Jennifer Williams has the works.

I came across this book by mistake, as we tend to do with all our favourite books. I found it in Blackwells. I was feeling particularly sorry for myself and decided some book retail therapy was what I was in need of. I found this little wonder there and decided to give it a go. It was originally released as 4 separate e-books but was later published as a single volume. I read it, loved it and craved a sequel so badly it almost hurt. Can you imagine my delight to find not one but two sequels, a  trilogy of the adventures of the Copper Cat and Sir Sebastian.

Anyway, the story begins in the Citadel in Krete, across the Glass sea in the heart of Ede. Here we meet Gallo, a sarcastic, witty adventurer and friends (possibly lovers) of Sir Sebastian, a former Ynnsmouth knight. Together, Gallo, Sebastian, Wydrin (aka the Copper Cat of Crosshaven) intended to set out as guides to the young Lord Aaron Frith to discover the lost treasures of the mages buried deep within the Citadel. Except Gallo doesn’t wait for his companions and sets off into the Citadel with only a guide for company. Weeks pass before Wydrin and her companions venture into the Citadel, they hope to find Gallo alive, well and nothing but his usual self. Lord Frith, an apparent cripple has his own agenda in the ruins of the Citadel beyond the riches of the mages, he seeks a lake. He is a Frith of the  Blackwood forest, a family with such wealth hidden within a vault into the forest that it would attract mercenaries who would seek such riches. He and his family are tortured, Frith crippled and mutilated in an attempt to rip the location of the vault from them but to no avail. Frith escapes, the rest of his family dead, and sets out for the Citadel in order to heal his physical injuries and later reclaim his home and seek vengeance on those who wronged him.
Within the Citadel, they learn the stories. The stories of the mages who grew too greedy, of the gods they tried to become. The mages set a trap, to capture the gods and forever seal them within the confinements of the Citadel. But the trio meet trouble. They find Gallo, but Gallo’s mission is not his own; his mind had been taken over by one of those long forgotten God’s and she had a score to settle. Deep in the Belly of the Citadel she and waited, consumed the life of her companions and birthed an army large enough to raize Ede to the ground. When the jars containing her life force were open, their seals broken and life blood spilled onto the long forgotten stones of the Citadel, she would rise. And the world would burn.
It is a story of friendship, witty sacrasm, sword battles, magic, dragons, beautiful armies and of the copper promise to be fulfilled.

The Copper Promise by Jen Williams

ISBN 978-1-4722-1112-5


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